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When thinking about your website, the temptation has always been to think about how it appears. Would you buy a car only on appearance? You want it to look good, but your website needs to get you somewhere in a way that works for you.

The places your website can take you are often overlooked, or limited to simple tasks. The new Cloud concept of web design turns your website into an application, much more than a digital business card. Did you know your website could stay up-to-date without your needing to update it manually? If you have a system that you use to track business information, your website could automatically pull from that resource to stay up-to-date.

Additionally, your customers could self-manage previously complex tasks, in a way that is fully integrated with how they already use the Internet.

An example of how a website can make use of resources would be People send text messages on their phones regularly, and Twitter integrated the phone SMS system with a website: bringing content from one realm into another. brings Radar information into their website. What can you do to link your business with the Internet?

High end functionality is something few designers really touch. Using the Twitter example, let me do through some of the steps and componets involved:

  1. A person sends a text message from their phone to 40404.
  2. The cellphone carrier routes the message to a special server at Twitter, which knows how to receive SMS messages.
  3. Twitter accepts the message and inserts the message into their database, keeping track of who sent the message.
  4. A visitor of the page hosting the SMS senders Tweets will see an updated page displaying their latest thought or dining experience.

I left out a lot of detail, including:

If you want your website to be more than an online business card, you'll need to think about your site as an application with the ability to do something useful. It doesn't have to be as popular as Twitter or Facebook, but it needs to do something.

Doing something is where Kelley Consulting come in. We know how to make your site do something, something more than just sit on the Internet.

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