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Linux Products and Support

We have been working with Linux since the 1990's, when it was nothing more than a geeks retreat. Now days Linux has become an important part of many businesses Information Technology plans. Linux offers flexibility and low cost, due to the Open Sourcing of the operating system.

Open Source means the programming code "under the hood" is available to anyone who wants to poke into the inner workings. Since Linux is open source, many developers from all over the world work to make Linux better for everyone.

Open Source also often means FREE. The base operating system is free of charge, while some vendors will charge for software that runs on top of Linux. Businesses trying to control cost will be pleased to find enterprise class software available on Linux free of charge, including mySQL and Apache.

Linux products we specialize in include:

  • Apache
  • mySQL
  • SuSE Linux
  • Red Hat Linux
  • VMWare on Linux

Additionally, we offer the expertise to configure the follow and many other Linux based services:

  • DNS: bind
  • Clustering
  • Virtualization
  • Mail servers and antispam services
  • Windows compatiable networking: SaMBa
  • Firewall: pfSense
  • Network Monitoring: snort

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