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mySQL Database Server

mySQL is a major power in the world of database servers.

Web giants Google, Amazon, and Facebook all use mySQL database servers, because it is scalable, powerful, fast and open source.

Applications, websites and anything that could use a database can use mySQL to store and quickly retrieve data. SQL, which stands for "Structured Query Language" is a standard way of updating or accessing data. The queries for data are simple to construct, reading more like English than one would expect; but don't let the apparent simpleness of mySQL fool you! mySQL is capable of the most complex data tasks, handling the details behind the scenes while delivering only what you need when you need it.

mySQL is commonly used in conjunction with the Apache webserver, with a configuration called LAMP, which means: Linux, Apache, mySQL, PHP. This powerful combination allows for fully database driven websites making use of the latest technology on the web.

If your existing mySQL server needs am upgrade, or you want to explore how a new mySQL server could be of benefit to your organization; contact us today!

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