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Apache Web Server

As of March 2010, Apache holds the #1 web server slot by a commanding lead. According to Netcraft, Apache held a 53.93% market share, with Microsoft's IIS coming in second at 24.97%.

You use Apache every day, as you browse the Internet. The web servers that deliver the content from this site, Google, eBay, Amazon, and many others are running on a flavor Apache. The main reasons so many use Apache are related to the long standing security record, open source free licensing, speed, and the flexibility Apache offers.

The configuration flexibility of Apache allows you to do nearly anything with the webserver. Many people will make use of a configuration commonly called LAMP, which means: Linux, Apache, mySQL, PHP. This is a powerful combination, because it allows for fully database driven websites making use of the latest technology on the web. Other options include the popular Ruby on Rails, which is how the popular Twitter service is configured.

If you already have an Apache server needing upgrades or additional configuration, want to setup a new Apache server, or simply have questions as to how Apache could be of benefit to your organization; contact us today!

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