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McAfee Rebooting Related to New Signature Updates..

Recently Mcafee Antivirus sent out an update that is causing Windows XP computers to reboot.

Call (603)755-6493 or schedule an appointment on-line using the "Tungle Me" tool and we will resolve the reboot and update issues with McAfee.

The recent update to the McAfee antivirus scanner caused McAfee to mistake a critical Windows XP file for a virus. McAfee removes the critical file, and Windows XP will reboot in an attempt to recover. A simple restart of the computer will not solve the problem, since anytime Windows XP tries to replace the file it will be removed again by the anti-virus program.

The fix involves manually disabling the antivirus, patching it with new signatures, and replacing the missing file. We have the needed files with us, so the resolution will be quick. While on-site, we will check the system to ensure the PC is configured correctly to minimize any future issues.